Curtain Call

Curtain Call Chapel - December 4th at 9am

Join us for an amazing Chapel presented by the Curtain Call students where we explore the Beatitudes through a skit and an interactive quiz show. You won't want to miss a moving rendition of the song "Rise Up".

Curtain Call
Image result for drama masks
Image result for drama masks

Week of September 5th:
  • Overview of the course
  • Games
  • Pictures and Biography
Weeks of September 11th and 18th:
  • Voice – Can we use our voice to create an expressive and interesting dramatic reading?
  • Voice Games
  • Applying what we learned to a short story performed for JK/SK or grade 1.
Week of September 25th:
  • Characters R’Us
  • Rationale: Students will explore aspects of characterization through voice and movement and will develop skills to build characters.
Weeks of October 2-23:
  • Shakespearean Soliloquies
  • Soliloquy: "...a device used in drama when a character speaks to him/herself, expressing or relating their thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feeling are shared with the audience, giving the illusion of being a series of unspoken reflections. If other characters are present, they keep silent and/or are disregarded by the speaker." -
Weeks of October 30 – November 20:
  • Create and rehearse a skit for chapel (Nov. 27)
Week of November 27th:
  • Auditions for Spring musical!!
November 29th:
  • Field Trip to St. Jacobs Country Playhouse to see “Honk” (10:30am performance)


“Being different is good! Based on the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fable, this high-energy musical comedy tells the story of Ugly, a duckling born into ridicule and loneliness simply because he is different. When he leaves the farm and embarks on an adventure of self-discovery, encountering peril while unknowingly outwitting a ravenous cat, Ugly discovers there’s much more to him than anyone thought.
Winner of multiple awards, this universal story of acceptance is sure to quack up audiences of all ages with its unique gaggle of barnyard characters, tuneful songs and clever comedy.”

  • Prep for Christmas Family night
  • Start read through of musical
December 13th:
  • Field Trip to see Beauty and the Beast at Dunfield Theatre (Cambridge) 2pm performance
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s most popular musical is a true international sensation, captivating 35 million people worldwide with its entertaining blend of romance and magic.
A terrible hex has transformed a handsome prince into a monstrous Beast, and the spell can only be broken if he finds his one true love before the last petal falls off an enchanted rose. He meets his match in a strong-willed young woman named Belle, the daughter of an eccentric local inventor. But can the Beauty tame the Beast and see the truth beneath his physical appearance before time runs out?
With stirring musical numbers like “Be Our Guest,” “Something There,” and “Beauty and the Beast,” this lavish production radiates with sweetness and light. Discover the redemptive power of love with a charming story that will warm your heart and affirm your faith in miracles.

Senior programs Second city Field Trip (date tbd):
FULL DAY PROGRAM (SHOW AND WORKSHOP) includes this year’s educational Main Stage Show, Meme, Myselfie and i (themes of Mental Health & Diversity) in the morning, followed by a fully interactive workshop in the afternoon.

Meme, Myselfie & i – Theme of Mental Health & Diversity

This year’s theme is Mental Health & Diversity. Second city’s aim is to open the conversation and help mitigate the stigma of mental illness. This engaging, fast-paced performance showcases a cast of Canada’s most talented young performers and features material written and adapted specifically for a student audience. After the show, the cast conducts a Q&A session with students.

Check this out for costume ideas/needs and ticket information

For those of you wondering or for those of you who haven't told your parents that the show will be early or for those of you that can't find it on the BCA calendar: The show will be April 20th and 21st @ 7:00, and 22nd @ 2:00 and 7:00. The show will take place at BCA this year.

Cast Cupcakes

*cast list in no particular order

Belle - Olivia

Maurice (Belle’s Father) - Arjun

Beast - Sam C

Gaston - Emmy

Lefou (Gaston’s sidekick) - Braeden

Lumiere (The candle) - Puneet

Cogsworth (The Clock) - Grace

Mrs. Potts (The Tea Pot) - Haylee

Babette (The Feather Duster) - Jessica

Madame De La Grande
Bouche (The Wardrobe) - Ellery

Chip (A Tea Cup) - Victoria

Monsieur D’Arque (Lunatic Asylum Owner) - Sam B

Kieran, Elena, Anjelica, Jonah, Takiya

Silly Girls:
Alex, Juliette, Carly

Rose: Zoey

Enchantress: Petra
Prince: Cole

Sam B, Alex, Juliette, Carly, Kieran, Elena, Anjelica, Jonah, Takiya, Petra, Zoey, Cole and All Ice Cream Cast Members in some capacity

Cast Ice Cream

*cast list in no particular order

Belle - Petra

Maurice (Belle’s Father) - Kieran

Beast - Cole

Gaston - Takiya

Lefou (Gaston’s sidekick) - Jonah

Lumiere (The candle) - Elena

Cogsworth (The Clock) - Zoey

Mrs. Potts (The Tea Pot) - Anjelica

Babette (The Feather Duster) - Alex

Madame De La Grande
Bouche (The Wardrobe) - Juliette

Chip (A Tea Cup) - Carly

Monsieur D’Arque (Lunatic Asylum Owner) - Arjun

Emmy, Braeden, Puneet, Victoria, Sam B

Silly Girls:
Jessica, Haylee, Grace

Rose: Ellery

Enchantress: Olivia
Prince: Sam C

Arjun, Sam B, Jessica, Haylee, Grace, Emmy, Braeden, Puneet, Victoria, Olivia, Ellery, Sam C and All Cupcakes Cast Members in some capacity